Killing Michael Jackson


Documentary featuring the three U.S. detectives who led the original investigation into the singers death.

This movie is one of my favorite movie the last time and I know I'll watch it soon again. I don't watch many movies online in Documentary category, but this one was amazing. The movie is openly dreamlike, and like most dreams it moves uncertainly down a path with many turnings. What's more, this is definitely the type of movie that you can watch several times and always see something new, interesting. This is a movie which you have to watch online!. Even in the most popular Hollywood movies, there is the element of commercialism, that is elements that are in the film only to win favor with the mass audience. Sign me up for the next part of Killing Michael Jackson.... Show more

Directors: Sam Eastall
Countries: United States
Release: 2019
Duration: 45 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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