Gomorra - Season 1


Ciro disregards tradition in his attempt to become the next boss of his crime syndicate. The internal power struggle puts him and his entire family's life at risk.

Awesome tv show from 2014. Gomorra - Season 1 was directed by Leonardo Fasoli. People like to be surprised. You'll experience surprises in Gomorra - Season 1. Before you read this description and before I spoil you the storyline, watch the full tv show, I highly recommend it. I think it was worth seeing such a brilliant but sad story. The quintessence of this production are dialogues between the great cast. I had the honor of watching the wonderful show from Stefano Bises last time. I couldn't believe such a big website has no Gomorra - Season 1 in their database, so I added it.... Show more

Countries: West Germany, Italy
Release: 2014-05-06
IMDb Rating: 8.7
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