A comedy that tells the story of two free spiritual smokers who were in the catapult after the burning of a top secret pot that the CIA created in 1986. After 30 years of life, our bald and obese friends lost with uncomplicated enthusiasm to bring them back to life and to get to know the modern world.

Brad Epstein has his tried-and-tested style, which he remains faithful to today. I don't watch many movies online in Comedy category, but this one was amazing. It's a specific movie, not everyone likes it, but it's impressive. I'm big fan of Comedy movies. I'm not a true fan of Comedy, but I'm like that too!. The acting is absolutely amazing, bringed to life characters that are rich and complex. Great movie to watch at the evening, watch Ripped full hd here.

Directors: Brad Epstein
Release: 2017-06-23
Duration: 97 min
IMDb Rating: 4.7
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